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About Us

Grass Roots Bass Yakin'

GRBY is a kayak tournament series designed to reduce travel and lodging expenses by having a schedule for some of our best lakes and moving water across the state.  These schedules are over an extend weekend and an angler picks which day they would like to fish.  It is a single day tournament, but you pick one of the scheduled days as your tournament day. 


These events will be ran on  TourneyX  software.  

Most of our tournament series offer tournaments days from Thursday-Monday.  There are individual schedules made for each series and a tournament director for those events.  An angler can fish as many of these series as they would like, but each series is its own series and your AOY points do not cross over to other series.  GRBY will have an AOY for each series. 


Some of our lakes are DNR controlled and have rules on the number of anglers that are allowed before permits and fees are applied.  Therefore, some of our tournaments will need a maximum per day limit to comply. This will be a first come first serve for each day of each tournament.  Anglers are allowed to switch days before the tournament starts.  This can be done on the TourneyX website from a browser, but NOT in the app.


At the end of the season, we will have a two day championship to crown the GRBY Champion. 


About Us: About Us
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