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regular season

The regular season kicks off on sugar creek on April 4th and will end on October 28th.

What Can I Compete for During the Regular Season?

  • River Series AOY (Angler of the Year)​​

    • Each river series consists of 5 events all fished on the same river/rivers

      • You will earn points for each of your finishes.  100 points for 1st, 99 points for 2nd, etc.​

      • We will add your 4 best point totals up to get your total AOY score

        • The person with the most AOY points will be crowned that series AOY

      • The AOY will get the following

        • $50 from the series sponsor​ / prize package varies by sponsor

        • Their picture on the AOY page

        • New this year, you will get to compete at the river championship with every series AOY to earn the GRBY Overall AOY spot in the HKB State Championship in 2025. 

          • The river championship will take place in October 2024. 

          • The highest finishing AOY from 2024 at the end of the river championship will secure their spot as the GRBY River Overall AOY in the 2025 HKB Championship

  • Season Big Bass

    • Catch the biggest smallmouth bass in a river series tournament for 2024

      • This competition will last all season long.  The last man or woman standing with the longest smallmouth bass on October 29th will win

      • Ties will be broken by rolling down to the next biggest smallmouth

      • What will they win you ask?

        • The will be taking home a replica done by Mel Isaacs at White River Replicas!

        • Take lots of photos!!

  • GRBY River AOY

    • Best 8 AOY point totals from any river series event

      • Earn 100 points for 1st, 99 points for 2nd, 98 points for 3rd, etc.​

      • We will add up your best 8 point totals from any event in the region

        • Winner will take home a prize package that includes a GRBY Jig Stick and additional prizes TBA​

  • GRBY Overall River AOY

    • New for 2024 each river series AOY for the regular season and the GRBY River AOY will compete at 2025 river championship to be crowned the GRBY Overall  River AOY.  You must claim one of the above mentioned AOY spots during the regular season to be eligible for this competition.  The highest finishing AOY in the 2025 river championship standings will take home the honor.

    • They will earn their spot at the  2026 HKB State Championship as our representative for GRBY Overall River AOY

    • They will also be taking home a new 12V 100 Ah lithium battery from Millertech

  • FINCO Custom Kayak Trailer

    • Are you as bad at fishing as Cole Ritter?  No problem.  You can take home a custom built FINCO Kayak Trailer just for fishing our events.​  Winner will be given $2500 towards a custom build.

    • Fishing 4 of the 5 available events for a single river series, not only qualifies you for the river championship, it also gives you 1 entry into the trailer drawing.  There is no limit on the amount of these entries you can earn.  For example if you fish 4 events on the White River and you fish 4 events on Sugar Creek, you will have 2 entries in to the trailer drawing.  Wait but there's more...

    • Fishing 8 events total from any combination of river series events also earns you an entry into the trailer drawing.  Combine that with the example above, and that would give you 3 entries in the trailer drawing. 

      • Limit one entry.

    • Must be present at the Lake Championship for the live drawing.

  • Championship Qualification

    • You can qualify for our river championship simply by getting out and fishing our river events.  Even if you finish where Cole normally does, towards the bottom.

    • Fish 4 of the 5 events in a single river series and you qualify to attend the river championship.

      • No limit on entries towards the trailer drawing mentioned above​

    • Would you rather travel and see as many rivers as you can in Indiana?  You can fish 8 total events from any river series event to qualify for the lake championship as well.  Limit 1 qualification towards the trailer drawing mentioned above.

River Championship

This is a 2 Day event held the first weekend in April (more details to come)

Why should I qualify for the River Championship?

  • This is what all of us look forward to at the end of the season.  Our fishing format means we do not get to see each other as much through the season.  This is a great chance to hang out and meet some of the anglers you've been competing against through the year.

  • During  awards we will have provide food for all anglers.  Even if you didn't qualify come hang out.

  • This should be the largest river tournament of the year.

  • Someone will be taking home the $2500 credit towards a custom kayak trailer from FINCO!

  • We will also be awarding the replica of the largest smallmouth caught in a tournament for 2024.

  • Last but not least the winner will be taking home a $1500 credit to Moving Water Outfitters

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